Manos Amigas

Reverse Painted Glass (Vidrio Pintado)

Reverse Painted Glass is a technique that combines the creation with ancestral ways of elaboration, giving the painted glass a utilitarian value. In addition to having a great variety of designs, techniques and styles, we also present a large number of products such as: frames, mirrors, coasters, trays, tissue holders, jewelry boxes among others.

To make these products, first, all you need is simple glass. On the back side, you draw the desired image with Chinese ink (you have to think about how it will look on the front side), then set the pattern with lacquer so that it is not erased and just with a paint brush begin to paint: detail by detail, layer by layer to give the final result. Once it is painted you add lacquer so that it stays, and put a platinum paper that will protect the glass on the back side. Then we set it in a wooden frame, depending on the desired product.