Manos Amigas


Created on February 27, 1991, we are an alternative commerce organization which distributes a variety of products to the growing fair trade markets in the United States and Europe. We partner with talented artisans across Perú to find new markets for their products, communicate trends in product design, and deliver ongoing capacity-building opportunities.

Among the products we export are ceramics, jewelry, wind chimes, gourds, retablos, and textiles.

We also offer several tour packages to different cities and towns in Peru to better teach our culture to visitors and demonstrate the excellent craftsmanship and art of our artisans.

20% of the profits are directed to social work efforts such as helping
a feeding program for poor children by providing warm meals, school uniforms, and school supplies for them.


Provide scholarships for children of artisans, so that they can get a university degree.

  • Values
  • We are committed to the following values:
  • Run a rewarding business
  • Be efficient and effective on each commitment
  • Demonstrate our commitment to high quality
  • Be clear in our communication and transparent in our business relationships
  • Treat our client and artisans firmly and well
  • Respect the creative abilities of the artisan
  • Pay our artisans promptly and fairly
  • Provide responsible and reliable service to our clients and artisans
  • Our plans for the future include: diversifying our products, generating and promoting alternative tourism, continuing to develop effective and strategic alliances with our artisan partners, and find new markets for our artisans’ products, thus generating more income.
  • Vision – Mission


Is to be one of the better handicraft export and tourism companies because of our product innovation and staying current on market trends, offering high quality products, ensuring prompt delivery of products; through our fair treatment of artisans by paying fair prices and offering ongoing capacity-building training, through promoting our culture through sustainable tourism, and finally, by giving back to our communities through our various charitable efforts.


Manos Amigas is an alternative commerce organization that promotes Peruvian art by exporting a wide variety of handicrafts made by talented Peruvian artisans.

We provide professional experience in the design, production and commercialization of the handicrafts for the demanding markets in the United States and in Europe.


Strategically with the artisans to train and advise them in their product creation and production so that the products we export meet all the necessary criteria for our specific markets. This also helps our artisan community to grow, develop and be competitive in their businesses.

We offer tourism services which teach our culture and demonstrate the skilled art of our artisans.